Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Lawn Care Tips

Here are some great lawn care tips to have our lawn looking healthy and pristine in no time!

1. When Mowing Your Lawn, Always Remember the 1/ 3 Rule
It is important to mow your lawn often but keep in mind that if you do not want your lawn to look battered, you have to make sure that you only cut it using 1/3 the blade length of the grass. Anything more will damage the grass’s ability to grow in the future. This way, you do not have grass growing out of control and still you leave it with enough vigour to remain lush and green.
2. Keep the Blades of Your Lawnmower Sharp
While mowing, you have to make sure that the blades of your lawnmower are sharp. Blunt blades usually tear the turf apart and make it easier for the leaves of the grass to dry out making them easily accessible to becoming infested by insects and diseases. Ideally, the blades of a mower should be re-sharpened at least 2 to 3 times per year.
3. Recycle Grass Clippings.
Even when buying a lawnmower, a great deal of people will go for the ones that have a garbage bag. These are able to pick up the grass clippings which makes it easier for clean-up. However, it might be a wiser option to leave your grass clippings on the lawn. This is because, they help to contribute at least 1 pound of nitrogen per 1000 square feet annually. Think of this as free fertilizer. Bet you didn’t know that one huh?
4. Water Deeply
The biggest mistake people make when it comes to caring for their lawn is using a weak mist of water when they are watering it. Instead, make sure that you water your lawn deeply so that. The idea behind this tip is to make sure that the lawn grows deep roots and is able to stay healthy through-out. A healthy lawn requires about 1 inch of water weekly, but the ideal depth to soak your lawn should be about 6 inches.
5. Fertilize.
If you want to have a lush green lawn, then it is inevitable that you are going to need some very fertile soil. This is because the grass needs to have the right nutrients to be able to continue looking healthy and vibrant. Even though you might have good soil initially, it will get depleted in the long run and a good fertilizer will help to replenish the lawn and the lost nutrients assuring you of a great looking lawn that is green and filled with health. If you are striving for organic lawn care, there are many eco-friendly fertilizers on the market today that are perfect for giving your grass the extra nutrients it needs. 
While these tips are a great start, you can only stretch your luck so far and at some point, if you want to keep your lawn green and lush, you will need to seek the help of a professional lawncare service that understands your yard inside and outside and will make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.
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Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville Fl

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lawn Care Columbus Ohio - (855) 900-6603 - FREE Consultation

We all know that the lawn is the most vital part of the exterior of your home. Therefore it is your duty as a homeowner to make sure that your lawn stays lush and green. However, maintaining a beautiful yard is sometimes not the easiest task when you have little time or experience. That is why so many people have turned to seek out lawn care services from Flower Mound Lawn Care Service - professional landscapers in Columbus to do the work for them.   

Services we provide:
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- Overseeding
- Lawn Fertilization

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